Every Specially named My-Buddie will have their own web page and will also be placed on the Name of Love Wall with a comment from you to the one you love.

Pick a my-buddie to be named for you or a friend and we will send you an Official My-Buddie Certificate with your named buddie. Also you may order other products with your special buddie on it.
Many available to be specially named by you right now and soon we will have a lot more from all of the different family groups.
Official My-Buddie Certificate is available for $11.00 click here to view samples of what is included
Price includes.. Official Certificate, Official My-Buddies Special Name Collectors Card, Posting on the Name of Love Wall with your comment added and a Secret Gift Surprise. With the purchase of specially chosen my-buddies we will make a donation to a Cancer research foundation that you choose. Details are given at time of purchase.

To purchase other products with your Specially named my-buddie simply choose that selection where it is made available.

Please note that we will also offer your specially named my-buddie to others on products however it will always have your specially chosen name. That will be their name forever.

Item # NNDB-001
Item # NNDB-002
Item # NNDB-003
Item # NNBB-001
Item # NNLB-001
Item # NNEB-002
Item # NNTB-009
Item # NNBB-004
Item # NNDB-006
Item # NNBB-002
Item # NNDB-008
Item # NNDB-005
Item # NNDB-011

Item # NNDB-009

Item # NNLB-007

Item # NNTB-008
Item # NNEB-001

Item # NNDB-007

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