What are Tricky Monsters and who is the Evil Monster Dragon?

The Tricky Monsters represent destructive behaviors, negative influences and distractions that we all sometimes face.

Tricky Monsters attest to our duality…our shadows. They (the shadow/the trickster) may be undesirable at times and yet as Joseph Campbell has said, “they may also be the heroes with a thousand faces”…teaching us…helping us to transform our ego back to our divine nature. 

The Evil Monster Dragon is the representation of the collective mindset of the shadows. It is more powerful and destructive then the Tricky Monsters because it feeds off of the fear and confusion of others. Because of its unquenchable and ferocious appetite the Evil Monster Dragon seeks to cause even more trouble….

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They are destructive, distracting and very tricky. They like to turn things around on you, by making you think what is wrong is right. They try to confuse you and scare you so that you will make a mistake and hurt yourself or others. They try to distract you from seeing the truth or something that can help you. They want you to think learning is dumb and destroying your brain cells is cool and fun. They want you to see yourself as separate from others and unloved so that you will not unite in peace and expose them or stop them. They want to keep you divided in duality so that they can continue their mischief and destruction.


To learn how you can help the Mythical Buddies stop the Tricky Monsters and the Evil Monster Dragon from destroying the planet Earth, please read some of their books when they become available on this web site.


Here are a few pictures of the Tricky Monsters and the Evil Monster Dragon.

This is Urtful. He is very hurtful
so be careful if you spot him.
This is Idiculer. He likes to
ridicule others because he
doesn’t feel good about himself.
This is Ego. He is so attached
to his ego that he will try to destroy
you to protect it.
This is Ankster. He is a mean
prankster, so be careful if you
spot him.
This is the Evil Monster Dragon.
He is extremely mean and dangerous
so be very careful if you spot him.
Tricky Monsters used to be Mythical Buddies but have become very ill (spiritually) and slipped into the dark forces of ignorance. Because they prefer the darkness, bright lights hurt their eyes and they can’t see very well in the daytime. They don’t like water anymore or bathing so they have a very bad odor and sometimes spew a thick cloud of stink from their nostrils. They don’t like to eat good and healthy foods anymore so they drip a green acid like drool from their mouth and nose and their eyes are bulging from their sockets. Because they don’t like to listen anymore, their ears have gotten very tiny. The Tricky Monsters are mean and tricky because they are lost in the dark forces of ignorance. Be very careful if you spot one of them and remember…they cannot hurt you directly, they can only trick you into hurting yourself or others.
Robin Dee Carter ©1992- 2010 Copyright