This is the Mythical Buddies™
Secret Mission on Earth

The Mythical Buddies are from the Land of the Ancients, the Present Moment
and the Realm of the Future.

They are Time Travelers,Peace Keepers,Helpers, Defenders, Guardians and Guides.

Throughout the ages they have been
visiting the Earth for fun or on special missions.

They were chosen for this Mission by the
Supreme One
because of their love of innocence

and their special abilities.

We use the word innocence as meaning free from judging and condeming others and always in awe of all life!!!

On this Mission they must capture
the Evil Monster Dragon and his Tricky Monsters
in order to save the Earth from chaos and destruction.

The Evil Monster Dragon is trying to mislead the children and even adults
in order to gain control of the planet.

The Mythical Buddies must use their wisdom and
special powers to teach.. to empower...the children so they can fight against
the Evil Monster Dragon and his Tricky Monsters.

Secretly the Mythical Buddies have been setting up
a network of children and adults to help them on
their mission.

They must hurry and capture the Evil Monster Dragon and
his Tricky Monsters before it is too late.

May the Spirit of the Supreme One guide them on their mission.


Warning :

Anyone that tries to use the Special Powers

found within this web site to do harm will be plagued with the

Curse of Reflection! The Curse of Reflection is this: Whatever bad

or harmful thing you try to do to another is reflected back at you. That

means that it will happen to you! So be very careful or the Curse will

never leave you! Only do good with what you learn from this web site

and you will receive the "Blessing of Reflection".


Copyright © 1992-2011 Robin Dee Carter