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What are Magic Rocks
and Magic Rock Cards?

Magic Rocks are gifts from our earth to help us unlock the powerful magical forces we all have within us. The power to be the very best we can be!!
The cards are a collection of over 100 rocks with the cartoon characters explaining the Magical properties. Each card has a different front and back. Each pack has (4) game cards and (1) trading card. Some of the packs contain a special wild card with a secret message that could lead to a big prize if you can solve the riddle. Eack pack also contains (2) Magic Rocks. Once all 52 cards are collected they may be used to play a game. Check out the web site to learn more details.

Tuck a Magic Rock into your pocket, bag, purse, pillow, plant, even somewhere in your car. Take a rock with you wherever you go and enjoy the benefits of the Earth's energy...magical and empowering properties.


These cards were created for kid's and adults to collect, play games with and to help empower everyone by learning the magical properties of the Magic Rocks.

$1.99 per pack

Each pack contains:

    • 4 Magic Rock game cards
    • 2 genuine Magic Rocks
    • 1 Magic Rock Trading card
    • Sometimes a Bonus Magic Wild card in Lucky pack

    Packs sold by ranks with the four different suits.

Special First Editions are available for purchase now. We have two complete decks with Magic Wild cards in special Lucky packs.

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